Why You Should Hire a Masonry Expert

Masonry experts can do a lot of work around your home, from installing brick chimneys to repairing the hardscaping in your backyard. Pro Angle Masonry Charleston can handle decorative and structural projects like stone wall construction or veneer installation. If you have a structure made of masonry, it is crucial to keep it in good shape. If you notice it’s in bad shape, it’s time to get a repair expert.

Masonry Contractors

Contacting a Masonry Expert is essential if you have noticed bulging or bowed bricks on your home’s walls. They can help you understand why the problem exists and offer solutions to fix it. A common cause of cracked or bowed bricks is foundation settling. This causes the earth surrounding your home to shift, resulting in uneven alignment. This lopsided foundation can push against the home’s structure, creating stress and causing the walls opposite to the shifting to crack.

Typically, these masonry problems are easily repaired using grout or special screws and metal plates to strengthen the wall. However, these are often only temporary fixes. A masonry expert will be able to identify the root cause of the problem and provide long-lasting solutions that help protect your home’s foundation. The sooner you have these issues addressed, the better.

Frost Boil or Bulging Bricks. Older stone and brick walls are prone to frost boiling or bulging due to water seeping in through cracks in the mortar. It also can happen if the anchors holding the wall together rust. This issue should be fixed immediately by a qualified mason. Otherwise, it can cause the wall to collapse, which is dangerous for your property and family members.

Typically, your home’s brick or stone masonry walls are recommended to be repointed every 15-20 years. However, if your wall has a significant amount of deteriorating mortar, it may need a restoration sooner. When this happens, a Masonry Expert will need to replace the deteriorating mortar with historically correct tuckpointing. This will prevent moisture from entering the wall and will restore its structural integrity.

Mortar Deterioration or Buckling. In areas with large temperature swings and regular rain in the fall, winter and spring, mortar can contract and expand as it freezes. This can cause the mortar to deteriorate and cause cracks in the joint. This will allow water to penetrate the wall and, if not fixed quickly, can result in further damage as freezing water expands.

Masonry Expert can repair the problem with a urethane or epoxy injection to fill in the crack, or by installing an expansion joint to take the natural stress of expansion off the corner. If the deterioration is more extensive, a more extensive repair may be required, such as replacing the bricks or the mortar. Other causes for mortar deterioration include abrasion from traffic and excessive vibrations caused by railroad tracks, highways or other high traffic areas. Burrowing insects like wasps, ants, and bees can also attack weakened walls by entering through small cracks in the mortar.

Wall Altered from Its Original Shape. When a brick or stone wall is altered from its original shape, it can be difficult to determine which changes are necessary and which ones aren’t. In this case, a masonry expert is necessary to restore your structure’s original look while maintaining its integrity. This is often accomplished by replacing the bricks with new ones that are made to resemble their original appearance.

Re-pointing a masonry wall is also an effective way to improve its look. It is a process in which the joints between the bricks are repaired with new mortar. When done correctly, repointing the wall will not only improve its look but also help protect it from future damage. This process is particularly important in older masonry structures exposed to the elements and susceptible to damage from frost, rain and snow. A masonry expert can recommend the best type of re-pointing for your home or business.

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