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Technical Introduction
The PolySteel wall system combines solid, reinforced concrete with high-density expanded polystyrene and galvanized steel to create structures that are more comfortable, more energy efficient and more structurally secure than those built with traditional construction methods. 
 When you design and/or build with PolySteel, you have virtually unlimited design flexibility combined with tremendous structural strength.  As a result, you will have happier clients, fewer callbacks, increased profitability and a growing, dynamic new source of business.  You will also be making a significant contribution to the well being of our environment.
Our PolySteel form is a new and innovative polystyrene and steel form for the construction of super-insulated concrete walls.  Its core design creates a reinforced concrete wall based on traditional post and beam construction.  The stay-in-place polystyrene form provides super insulation on both sides of the wall.  Each 1" x 10" galvanized steel furring strip is anchored to the expanded steel reinforcement members every 12 inches on center, providing a uniform, strong and stable anchor for the attachment of any exterior or interior wall covering desired.  The inter-locking tongue-and-groove design allows the forms to fit easily and securely together and the system requires very few special tools or skills to install successfully.  The flexibility and versatility of the polystyrene form also allows for the incorporation of curves, angles, slopes, arches or virtually any creative design element desired.
length 48"
height 16"
width 6"core 9.25"
width 8" core 11"
width 10" core 14"
surface area 5.33 sq. ft.
weight of form 6 lbs. per form
R-value of EPS 4.17-inch
avg. thickness EPS  2.4" per side (6")
avg. thickness EPS 2.5" per side (8")
concrete volume (6" form) 13.5 forms per yard
concrete volume (8" form) 10 forms per yard
concrete volume (10" form) 7.5 forms per yard
thermal mass (6" form) 56 psf
thermal mass (8" form) 76 psf
thermal mass (10" form) 101 psf
air infiltration 1/4 of stud wall
sound class 48 with 1/2" drywall
flame spread index less than 10
smoke development index less than 300
flash ignition temperature 700 degrees F.


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