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PS 3000
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  The Waffle-Grid

Improved Tongue and
   groove design

  New welded steel tie

  Better concrete flow

  Larger recessed studs


         The Flat-Wall

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Distributors of American PolySteel insulating concrete forms (ICFs) in Connecticut and southern Massachusetts since 1997, PolySteel Northeast, LLC has strived to be known as the areas leading provider of excellent customer service.  We ensure that there will always be an available person to answer questions and assist in any way.  Our customer support system is not limited to hands on education and instruction.  PolySteel Northeast, LLC provides equipment rental, accessories and certified installers for the proper construction of PolySteel buildings.  You've found us because quality is greatly important to you.  Thousands of homes and buildings are constructed each year with PolySteel's innovative, industry-leading products which give customers durable, well-insulated, draft-free and fire-safe environments. These secure structures increase in value as they drastically reduce heating and cooling costs. Take a look at what we have to offer and discover the world of PolySteel possibilities.  Contact us by using this convenient online form or telephone us anytime at (860) 429-7337.  Thank you very much for visiting us on the web.



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